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I am a wife of 32 years, mom to one daughter and two sons. My husband and I are DIY'ers when it comes to home and garden projects. We built our house in 1988 on a vacant piece of property. Two of the cutest little boys ever call me Grandma. I am an RN part time and live on 4 acres near Yosemite. The statement "full of contradictions and old fashioned yet modern" describes me perfectly. I love vintage and antique things and have since I was a little girl rummaging through my grandparent's house. It is difficult for me to pass on an estate sale..... just ask my husband.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Oh, how the years have flown by!


Young and in love.



  1. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving me words of encouragement. it was a long day. The trust has been broken, but I hope it means there will be safety for this student. ~Kelly

  2. oh, i adore this progression of the years through these photographs. you two are beautiful together--both then and now.

  3. Had to say Hi! And thank you for being #500! I loved looking at these pictures. What a cute couple! We recently celebrated our 29th and can't believe how time flies! You have a beautiful family!


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